Building retrofit projects are different from new-build projects.  They involve the use of new and innovative materials, products, details and processes, and very often the building is occupied while the work is carried out.  Consequently retrofit projects carry significant risk because of the lack of familiarity of clients, assessors, designers, contractors and occupants with the new process.  The result is often at best a ‘performance gap’ between the intended and actual performance of retrofitted building, and at worst technical defects such as condensation and mould growth.


Rickaby Thompson Associates has been working on retrofit risk management techniques for over three years, focussing on collating best practice for one-off retrofit and defining robust processes for scale retrofit programmes.  This work has been carried out in collaboration with a range of organisations and disseminated via the RIBA, the NHMF Bulletin, forthcoming NHMF best practice guidance and the Retrofit Coordinator training delivered by the Centre of Refurbishment Excellence (CoRE).  Working with Prewett Bizley Architects, we defined the role of the Retrofit Coordinator, as endorsed by the RIBA and the recent Hansford Review of solid wall insulation, and promoted by contributors to the current Bonfield Review of domestic energy efficiency.  Working in partnership with Six Cylinder and ArchiMetrics we developed a suite of retrofit risk management tools and resources for the Mayor of London’s RE:NEW programme, and applied them to domestic retrofit projects in London.  Working with Viridian Housing we have developed robust domestic retrofit specifications consistent with best practice.


We are therefore able to offer our clients a retrofit risk management service built on our extensive experience.  We can deploy tools such as the retrofit risk triage matrix and questionnaire, which assess the technical risk associated with proposed combinations of retrofit measures and delivery processes.  We can also provide technical fact sheets and best practice details and specifications, and watch points for each stage of the retrofit process and for most retrofit measures.  For more information about these services please contact us on 01908 679520 or via